Let's seek both comfort and beauty.

Challenging the common notion that beautiful pants are too restrictive and comfortable pants are too loose, ARIKI aims to showcase the beauty of women while covering changing body shapes with age.

What fulfills this goal is ARIKI's fashion pants, which combine functionality and design, offering "comfortable and beautiful." These pants overturn the idea that elegant pants are uncomfortably tight or that comfortable ones are too casual. Through these pants, we want you to feel a subtle sense of elegance and a comfort that enriches the senses with each use. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that you can express your unique self optimally.

Through our products, we hope our customers become even more beautiful. We aspire to provide vibrant and wonderful days, contributing to a refined lifestyle.




As a manufacturer, we pursue craftsmanship.

Our company, born in 1951 in Shimbashi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, known as one of Japan's leading textile towns, has been dedicated to the study of the body shapes of Japanese women since its founding. Over the years, we have incorporated customer feedback to advance the creation of products that are of high quality, comfortable to wear, and richly express the individuality and preferences of the wearer. As a manufacturer, we will continue to produce products that satisfy our customers in the future.



We pursued the essence of craftsmanship with "Pure Made in Japan."

Cherishing the desire to create something excellent without compromise, we dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of high-quality craftsmanship, resulting in "Pure Made in Japan." From fabric production to pattern making, sewing, and finishing, every step is performed in domestic factories, with artisans possessing a unique sense of beauty inherent to the Japanese culture putting their heart and soul into each piece. We hope that each time you touch our products, you can feel the high aspirations and skills of the creators.

Certifications Obtained



From development to production and sales, we maintain an integrated in-house system.

We handle everything from product development, fabric processing, production, to sales within our company. We place particular emphasis on fabric, sometimes engaging in yarn development to seek the ideal fabric that satisfies all women. Our unique environment, where creators can dedicate themselves to production, allows us to confidently deliver products to our customers.




Establishing and Operating a Unique Direct Sales System.

We have implemented our unique direct sales system, delivering products directly to individual customers. Currently, the number of registered members in our direct sales business has exceeded 200,000, with orders coming in from all over Japan, primarily from customers in the Kanto region. In addition to our online presence, we actively participate in major television shopping, magazine sales, department store retailing, and popup events, steadily increasing the community of ARIKI enthusiasts.